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McBricker Communications Inc. was founded by Mark Nyffenegger who brings over 20 years of telephone industry experience at the distribution, channel management, sales, consultation, design and end user levels.  He saw the need for a reliable and personable business that could train businesses how to get the most out of thier telecom investments. 

McBricker's background in telecommunications has us engaged in every aspect of the business and offers your business a very thorough understanding of the business telephone processes: premise equipment, contact centre, CTI, call routing, design, training, call recording and more.

With over 20 years of Distribution and Channel Management experience, I have taught telephone resellers how to sell phone systems, leverage technology, present returns on investments and "wowed" end users with product demonstrations.  With the sale complete, I noticed that very few users would implement features beyond the very basic call handling.  Why not leverage more of the capabilities that are in your telphone system?  This could be through Voice over IP, twinning to external numbers, Computer Telephony Integration, Recording, Reporting and more.

We're connected

With 20 years of distribution and channel management experience, we know the products and the people.  McBricker offers a network of telecom companies that we partner with for your local support as well as vendor specific solutions.



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