The following FAQ’s are for the Avaya IP Office. The FAQ’s are broken into sections on the phones and voicemail. IP Office uses “Short Codes” (SC) to access features. Short codes can be dialled or assigned to a button on a users telephone. Manager is the administration software that is used to program IP Office.

To start, it is important to realize that the Avaya phones have certain prompts that appear on the display and correspond to the buttons below the display. The 1400/1600 series phones have 3 buttons below the display. The 9500/9600 series phones have 4 buttons below the display. These buttons are “context sensitive”. All phones have a navigation cluster that will allow you to scroll up, down, left and right. The OK button can be used as a substitute for a context sensitive prompt from the display, for example: select, save, or done.



Avaya IP Office telephone FAQ’s:

The following are standard features that work out of the box with IP Office.

Features that must be programmed or enabled:.

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