Telephone Training

Did your telephone training even happen? Perhaps the technician offered a 10 minute overview of the phones and left you to figure things out from there? Perhaps now that you have used your phones for a while, you would like to use a few more features that you didn’t think of at the time of installation? Perhaps you have had your IP Office for a while, and it needs to be updated to reflect changes in your office?

McBricker offers a comprehensive 1 hour workshop on your Avaya phones that will help you navigate and customize your phone. We also do hands on training to teach how to do blind transfers, supervised transfers, conferencing calling, parking, voicemail set up and more. The 1 hour workshop is often repeated based on the number of staff in your office that require training.

We can also help with programming to ensure that you are getting the most out of your IP Office. Do you need buttons programmed? Hunt groups enabled? Changes to when and how your Auto Attendant answers and what options are given? Give us a call, we can help.

We have also realized that for some clients this is impractical due to budget constraints for travel. McBricker also offers tele-training for remote clients.

All offers begin with an initial consultation with you to ensure that the training covers the topics you want and to ensure that we can optimize how your company communicates.

McBricker recognizes that for many businesses, the front door is actually through the telephone for initial customer contact. How your staff greet your customers and your staffs ability to manipulate and direct phone traffic has far reaching implications. Moreover, how you set up your phone system to route and optimize phone traffic can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Optimizing your phone resources and traffic accomplish increased customer and staff satisfaction, less keystrokes per call, less time per call and ultimately increased productivity.

While training customers on how to use phones, we have been approached with several other complimentary inquiries and are pleased to announce that we currently have telephone training in 3 offers: PhoneSkill, PhoneSmart, and PhoneSafe.

Call 604 878 1120 or  email us at to inquire.

Telephone Advocate

Not sure if you are getting the best bang for buck from your telephone provider or service company?  We offer independant and impartial advice on what you have.  We listen to you to find out where you want to get to with your phones. 

With every telephone system, there are certain universal truths regardless of the equipment vendor.  We offer a very solid understanding of Voice Over Internet Protocol, LAN/WAN insfrastructure, mulit site networks, contact centres and more.

We can also help you understand the benefits of service agreements, time and material billing and vendor warranties.  And best of all, we are not selling you anything, we are your advocate to your current telecom provider or your guiding hand if you are considering a telecom upgrade. Call 604 878 1120 or  email us at to inquire.

Telephone Design

McBricker can help you design the most efficient call routing and telephone traffic for your business.  This may include: Contact Centres, Group ringing and Group mailboxes, overflows, off premise transfers, cell phone twinning, remote teleworkers, conferencing, call recording, call reporting among other solutions.  Solutions are offered on the premise that they will increase productitivy, reduce response times and overall costs to your business. Call 604 878 1120 or  email us at to inquire.

Out of Service Telephone Equipment

McBricker can help you responsibly remove and dispose of your out of service telephone equipment.  Call 604 878 1120 or  email us at to inquire.


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